Setup - Secure - Backup & Update ALL Your WordPress Sites

Do you use WordPress on your Websites?

What would happen if your wordpress website / sites suddenly disappeared for whatever reason?

Maybe a server crashed or a script kiddie hacked your site. Imagine if your webhost had no backups, or they did have backups but they were corrupt.

What would you do? I mean apart from want to cry.

Have you ever thought how much it would cost you? Your business?


Because once it happens it's too late for 'What If's'...

We have been running a web hosting company for 10+ years and let me tell you that story is all too common.

It's crazy the amount of clients that have had come to us in the past from other hosting companies with some similar shocking stories.

We Watched Client's Suffer - It Was Time To Put A Stop To This Nonsense

We had to help, we felt their pain and decided to create an easy to use client side solution to do just that.

To Fix their two most common problems, Security and Backup (and add lots of other time saving features.)

That was when WP Master Control was born (back in 2012), giving them peace of mind knowing their data is safe as its in their hand (in the cloud too if they want) should such an awful thing happen to to them.

Oh how things change as the years go on....

Did you know that from the time you setup your domain if you are using an SSL Certificate (and lets face it Google™ these days favoures them... they are a must), within 30 minutes of you installing your SSL Certificate hackers, attackers, in fact anyone who knows how will know that the domain is new and just live and ready for them to scan for WordPress vulnerabilities as usually by that time they are still not setup fully / correctly which makes them easy targets.

Exploited before your even Setup 

Luckily we have you covered... WPMasterControl can setup your sites and secure them... and fast too.

Not only will it take care of setting your WordPress sites up and setting up some of the most highly regarded security plugins, WP Master Control will also take care of your backups and a lot more. 

You can even tell it to install your favorite plugins and themes on all your sites too, it saves so much time and gives you peace of mind knowing its done correct.

Best of all it is really easy to use and afterall who want's to sit around spending hours or days setting up their sites when it can be done on autopilot?

Time proven since 2012, in 2016 we released WP MasterControl V2 with a streamlined interface, updated faster routines and more features.

See The Demo Below

What Our Clients Are Saying...

All I can say is WOW! I was extremely impressed with many of the functions available at a click of a button and below is some of my favorite of many available..

-You can literally set up a complete WP site in under 2 minutes after getting to know the software-Backups are never a problem with WP Master Control.


This is really a great package.

For everything that it does, this is a good value.How much is peace of mind worth?

Knowing that all your sites and content is protected and backed up is priceless


Jeff Burritt

I had the good fortune to review this and I am seriously impressed…

The automated backup function is fantastic and gives great peace of mind.The security plugins and the ease at which I can install them on all my sites could save me hours of work and hundreds in lost revenue.                                                                                


I had the good fortune to review this and I am seriously impressed…

The automated backup function is fantastic and gives great peace of mind.
The security plugins and the ease at which I can install them on all my sites could save me hours of work and hundreds in lost revenue.                          

Chris Jenkins

Thank you for letting me get my hands on a early copy of this one and Jane we are loving it and can not really say enough about it.

We have over 50 WordPress sites and just updating them all is a pain in the rear let alone all the cool things WP Master Control does.


Jamus McKenna

WPMC is an amazing time saver. I was able to upgrade over 20 WordPress blogs on auto, and install 5 plugins on each one at the same time while watching TV. lol

The toughest part was entering blogs info…The soft is really stable and secure and doesn’t use much computer resource.



  • Manage Multiple WordPress Sites
  • Setup WordPress
  • Can Create Pages and Categories
  • Install and Setup Security
  • Update WordPress, Plugins and Themes
  • Install Local Plugins
  • Install Local Theme
  • Install Online Plugins
  • Setup and Install Backup Plugins 
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 Software
  • Windows VPS Compatible
  • Auto Updating
  • One Year Free Updates
  • Use on up to 30 of your own sites (*More available in pro*)

Get WP Master Control For Just $9̶7̶  


This is a limited time offer, which can end at any time

100% Fair Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Refund Policy gives you peace of mind knowing that if the software has any technical issues we will try our best to fix them for you, if we fail to do so we will give you a 100% refund of your purchase. Other than that all sales are final, you must give a legit reason for your refund request (we must be able to reproduce the problem), without that we cannot take the request. We have an expert team ready to help you should you need it, so trust the product and make good use of it.

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