How Would you Like to Have Your Websites all Set Up, Secured, Backed up and Cloned all With a Few clicks of Your Mouse?

Powerful All-in-One Software Gives You Peace Of Mind!


Don’t waste time and money on other software that only does a fraction of what our software can do…

People are paying big money for software that only does part of the job of setting up and backing up your site. With other software out there you could be paying hefty monthly fees or, for a limited time, you can get lifetime access to our software for a small one-off price. We are giving you the “All-in-One” package so that you can save time and money in doing these essential tasks for your WordPress sites.
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You are Going to Wonder How You Ever Did Without It

Are you vulnerable to attack from hackers? If you don’t have a robust security plan, you are at risk! You could easily be hacked. I have had this happen to me several times. Stop living in fear. With our software you can update with security patches to new WordPress updates to ALL of your sites. We also have security plugins, you can automatically install and update, that will help to protect your site from hackers. This is for ALL of your sites!

What if your server suddenly crashed?
It can and does happen. Do you have backups of your site you could just easily replace the original with? We have you sorted with scheduled backups to up to Dropbox, FTP, Email and more.


Don’t get caught out. Get organized by having your sites protected by the totally automated All-in-One Set up, Secure, Backup and Clone Super System

Just Imagine Being Able To Automatically:

  • Install and Update Wordress
  • Install and Update Themes
  • Install and Update Plugins
  • Install and Update Essential Security Plugins
  • Clone a WordPress Site from One Domain To Another LIVE! in one click!
  • Install Scheduled Backup Solutions to Dropbox, FTP, Email etc
  • And More…

…And that’s just for starters!


Client Testimonials…..

Originally Posted by warrior0112 View Post
I had the opportunity to review WP Master Control authored by Jane Williams. All I can say is WOW! I was extremely impressed with many of the functions available at a click of a button and below is some of my favorite of many available..
-You can literally set up a complete WP site in under 2 minutes after getting to know the software-Backups are never a problem with WP Master Control. You can backup your sites with a click of a button to local and remote services such as Dropbox, Rackspace and many more…-Easily install updates and plugins for all of your sites from a central location

-I never have to worry about my many sites on multiple hosting services. WP Master control handles everything from install to management.

-You can also clone WP sites and easily install them at another location with the click of a button.

This software rocks and makes other management tools obsolete!


Originally Posted by Jeff Burritt View Post
This is really a great package.For everything that it does, this is a good value.How much is peace of mind worth?
Knowing that all your sites and content is protected and backed up is priceless.Plus…-Cloning and quick install is a huge time saver!
-Choices of cheap commercial cloud storage services too!And more!Nice product here friends!
Originally Posted by dapex View Post

I had the good fortune to review this and I am seriously impressed…The automated backup function is fantastic and gives great peace of mind.The security plugins and the ease at which I can install them on all my sites could save me hours of work and hundreds in lost revenue.The abilility to add or update new plugins or themes to all my sites from one central location is already making my life easier. We all know what its like when we buy a new plugin from a WSO.. we then spend ages installing that plugin on all our sites.. go to site, login, upload plugin, activate plugin etc… Now its just a few clicks of the mouse.

The fact I can clone a site so easily is great as well,

I am seriously impressed and this is now part of my essential tool kit.

Originally Posted by Chris Jenkins View Post

Thank you for letting me get my hands on a early copy of this one and Jane we are loving it and can not really say enough about it.We have over 50 WordPress sites and just updating them all is a pain in the rear let alone all the cool things WP Master Control does.Will be recommending this to anyone and everyone I can that is into WordPress so that should cover the whole IM world right? LOLThink about how simple and time saving this can be even if you have just a couple of sites to manage.

Folks she is planning on taking this off the WSO soon so I recommend you move fast before you end up wanting this and the price goes way up where it should be like 2 or 3 times this!


Originally Posted by Jamus McKenna View Post

Jane,Absolutely love this!Anyone, yes ANYONE who uses WordPress MUST get this awesome software. It’s a massive time saver when I come to setting up all my sites for clients. We all know what a pain it is to install all the fantastic plug-ins for wordpress… Not with this, put all your plug-ins in 1 folder & then they can all be installed at a push of a button!If Jane could automate this I’d just have to put my feet up & count the money coming in! 


Well done Jane.



Originally Posted by Zdot View Post

Jane let me test this software few days ago and let me tell you, this is a brilliant piece of work.WPMC is an amazing time saver. I was able to upgrade over 20 Worpdress blogs on auto, and install 5 plugins on each one at the same time while watching TV. lolThe toughest part was entering blogs info…The soft is really stable and secure and doesn’t use much computer resource.

This all in one WordPress manager is a must have for webmasters running a network of blogs, and/or managing their customer’s sites.

It is by far the most affordable solution available right now, and the only one that includes every functions needed to run a network of blog within a single application.

Anybody running over 10 blogs need this tool right away.

Originally Posted by KathleenGresham View Post

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of WordPress Master Control. Here are my impressions from using it:WordPress Master Control (WPMC) is an ambitious program. It aims for the stars.For all the amazing capabilities, the user interface is simple. I like that.I do hope in future revisions there will be a little more explicit labeling on what to enter in some of the fields. That would make it much easier for beginners. But I’m sure that will happen with good user feedback.

I would like to see some additional features, such as a listing of the sites I have in the program. I would like to see a dropdown list, so i can see which existing sites I have entered as well as those I’ve installed through WPMC, and so on.

At this price you can get great use out of WordPress Master Control, and you are on the ground floor as the program expands capabilities in future versions.

I believe the developer will likely incorporate user wishes into future versions. That is a great reason to jump in now and help shape the program as it grows.

And that brings me to my conclusion. Because the program does so much, and because it will only grow and increase in value in the future, now is the time to jump on board.

Originally Posted by shanekel View Post

Iv’e been playing around with this software the last few daysand all i can say is WOW.This does exactly what it says on the tin, automates all of those tedioustasks we have to do as internet marketers like updating plugins themes security

everything is here in a simple interface and works like a charm

I love the cloning ability this alone could be a wso as for all the other features

makes this an essential purchase, this has to be the best deal on the forum for some time.

Fantastic tool and thanks Jane for making my life so much easier.

Definitely contender for wso of the year, yes it’s that good!!!

Originally Posted by Witty View Post

Guys, all I got to say is that Jane is an unbelievable developer. What you have right here is utter genius. Come on, where else have you seen or heard of such a software that can perform various wordpress tasks such as update, backup and clone in a single package? And make it so damn easy?Simply put, this is a unique gem right here. All WordPress webmasters who have more than a few sites would immensely benefit from this. Clone your wordpress site to another domain? Just like that? I mean, seriously, come on – it just doesn’t get any simpler. No longer do you have to login your cPanel, then enter phpmyadmin to export your mysql db, then having to backup your posts and images from within wordpress, then uploading and dumping on to your new domain – and then having to deal with loads of broken links, etc…And that’s just the beginning. How about never having to worry that your WP might one day get corrupt? Choose from an array of cloud hosting options. And so much more. An all-in-one WP kit like this just doesn’t exist. Until now.This is such a sophisticated and inspired piece of software that it deserves a price tag many time more than what is being offered here today.

It’s literally a steal. Just don’t get caught.

Originally Posted by tonicemarketing View Post
I received a review copy of the software. After playing around with it I now calle it the Backup Buddy Slayer!  This is a feature rich application that will easily reduce your installation and cloning time of your WordPress sites. Backup Buddy cost 5 times this much and will not auto install to the destination site.This is a no brainer! Grab it before Jane realizes what she has and raises the price!


Not Only That, But:


  • Our Software is simple to use


  • You can have it running in the background


  • We have a 7 Day money back guarantee*.



 (1PC, Unlimited WordPress Sites)




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