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The HUGE WordPress Mistakes That Cost me $1000's ...That Many Webmasters are Still Making Right Now...

Forgetting Google Analytics Cost me $26,000...

Hi & Welcome,

I'm Chris Hitman, I've been a Wordpress use for almost a decade. In that time I made plenty of stupid mistakes that usually came back to haunt me later...

In fact, one mistake that cost me $26,000 alone... How?

Simple, I sold a site and the buyer requested Google Analytics proof for the web traffic - a reasonable enough request if I had in fact applied analytics to the site which I didn't I forgot.... DOH! Now you might think I would never be that stupid... believe me it's easily done.

But, I made bigger mistakes than that...

My Paid Content Was Indexed in Google Despite Being Protected by Membership Software...

I got a call from a marketer one day who kindly pointed out that he could access ALL my paid content for FREE... I was gob-smacked!

I protected the content with a well respected membership plugin - so what went wrong?

The kind marketer told me that Wordpress is a bloggers platform that automatically archives all pages & posts including protected content... in doing so the content becomes unprotected & exposed - so whilst my pages were protected, the archives were wide open.

Another costly mistake that could have made that site worthless. I had bigger issues than that though...

My Load Speeds Were 6 - 12 Seconds
- I was Losing Half My Traffic

If A Page Takes 5+ Seconds To Load... You Lose 40% of your traffic

WP Web Audit Uses The Fastest, Easiest Tools & Methods To Fix ALL These Issues in 15 Minutes

This Stuff Took Me a Decade to Learn...
For the 1st Time Ever I'll Show You Everything
I Do to Protect & Enhance Sites FAST...

Lets face it most of us are thrown into the deep end when it comes to Wordpress. There is an overwhelming & conflicting amount of information as to what we should & shouldn't do.

What I found over the 10 years as a Wordpress user is that many of my mistakes were totally preventable & some of the tips I was given as an WP amateur really did make the difference between success & failure in running websites.

I created this product to help marketers & webmasters apply a proven checklist to Wordpress sites that'll will both enhance & protect protect your site with a minimum skill effort.

I use this checklist on all my sites. It's quick, it's easy to follow & uses the right tools for the job.

Here's the Speed Increases I Got in 1 Minute
on My Slow Loading Graphics Heavy Sales Pages...

Site optimized -

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Site optimized -

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Site optimized -

Before Optimization

After Optimization

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